Indoor & Outdoor Marketing in Chennai

Indoor Marketing in Chennai

Indoor marketing in Chennai involves advertising within enclosed spaces where a specific audience is concentrated. This approach can be particularly effective when the target audience is predominantly found within these locations.

Digital Kiosks in Malls

Chennai boasts a thriving mall culture, and digital kiosks within these shopping centres provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their offerings to shoppers.

Inside Restaurants and Bars

Chennai’s vibrant food and entertainment scene presents opportunities for businesses to advertise within popular restaurants and bars, where patrons are more likely to engage with the brand.


Chennai being a major tourist and business destination, hotels offer a prime location for indoor marketing efforts. Advertisements in hotel lobbies and rooms can capture the attention of travellers.

Cinema Theatres

Chennai is the heart of the film industry, and advertising before movie screenings is a strategic way to reach a captive audience. Indoor marketing in Chennai can be cost-effective since it directly targets potential customers within the premises where the product or service is available. 

Outdoor Marketing in Chennai

Outdoor marketing in Chennai is designed to create brand visibility across the Chennai City. Given the city’s diverse population and bustling streets, outdoor marketing channels are effective for 7P Brand & Events in capturing the attention of a wide audience.


Chennai’s busy roads and highways are dotted with billboards that grab the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Transit Advertisements

Advertising on MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation ) buses, auto-rickshaws, and other public transportation vehicles allows businesses to reach commuters during their daily journeys.

Airport ,Railway & Metro Stations

Chennai’s international airport, railway & Metro stations provide prime locations for advertising, catering to both travellers and visitors to the Chennai city.

Bus Stands

Bus stands across Greater Chennai Corporation  are strategic spots for outdoor marketing, especially since public transportation is widely used.

Indoor Marketing is marketing your product or a service at a place that is covered and also mostly concentrated to a very limited audience. Indoor Marketing can be advertising your product through displaying on digital kiosks in malls, inside restaurants, bars, hotels, inside cinema theatres before the movie is played. This is more ideal if the target audience of a brand/company lies inside of the location, it is an economical way of spreading brand awareness and also about the product or service. The people it is advertised to, are more likely to do the same when marketed inside the place where the product or service is available. Outdoor Marketing is ideal for brand awareness in a particular locality or a city. Outdoor marketing is generally big and catches the eye of people. It could be billboards, transit advertisements, airport and railway, bus stands etc.